Welcome to the Godly Realms!

A place once of peace, where all the mortal races and the Gods lived peacefully side by side; Gods drew strength from their followers in order to perform miraculous deeds to assist the mortals. Together they prospered, living together symbiotically. However, this time of peace is over…

The world is currently in flux between chaos and war. The Gods have been vying for power and control in a civil war, with two of the three surviving Gods – Kalignix and Selaria – warring for control over the Godly Realms, blaming each other for their current situation. Due to their now limited ability to interfere with the realm and desire to keep casualties to a minimum, they use heroic mortals to champion their cause against each other.

Meanwhile the third surviving god Zanos is trying to restore balance and find the truth behind what caused the disappearance of the other Gods.
Could Kalignix really be behind the disappearance of the other Gods?
Does Selaria know more than she is letting on?
Or perhaps, there is a missing piece to this puzzle. Only time will tell…

This year is the year of the godly trials; a time honoured event that only occurs once every 100 years. Those brave (or foolish) enough to take on the challenge seek to prove themselves to the Gods, hoping for glory and the chance that they may be chosen to become a Champion of the Gods.

The Trials are calling… Will you face your destiny?

Godly Realms