Deserts of Time


The Deserts of Time are located just beyond the Shrine of Zanos. This desert is home to a lot of strange phenomenon.

It is said that all of the sand in the desert comes from hour glasses, that at some point in time (past, present or future) every grain of sand within the desert has been or will be used to keep track of time inside of an hourglass.

The desert however doesn’t follow the same theme as the sands that comprise it, in fact it seems to do the exact opposite and time doesn’t seem to have much influence there. Most of the time the desert is completely safe, but occasionally pockets of what has been called ‘Anomalies’ appear.

These Anomalies have been known to pull strange artifacts from the past forward in time, though rarely back from the future. It is as if the desert is sentient and knows that bringing too many things from the future could detrimentally effect causality.

These Anomalies usually occur within a month of each other but the closest have appeared within a week of the previous Anomaly.

Deserts of Time

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