Story of Creation


Several hundred millennia ago the universe as we know it didn’t exist. It was just a swirling chaos of elements, over the generations these elements took the forms of sentient beings now known as the Titans. Each representing one of the four primary elements of the land: Fire, Water, Earth and Air. For the first time the elements had separated from each other and by using their new found power they each brought a small piece of order to the chaos of the universe, taking the form of four planets on which they could each live.

Each planet encompassed one of the elements, elemental energy in its purest form. However, these planets were baron, devoid of any life besides the Titan of which resided there. How long the universe stayed in this state is unknown as the Titan’s concept of time is very different to ours however we do know it was like this for at least a millennium.

However, as the years stretched long, the Titans began to deteriorate. Losing themselves to loneliness as their extended solitude began to corrode on their existence. The sheer amount of power it took for them to maintain their planets was unfathomable and as the Titans grew weaker so did the bonds that held their planets together. These desperate times reunited the Titans, as they discussed solutions to the problems they decided to work together to maintain a single planet that all four of them could live together on in peace. The Titans brought their planets together, merging them. As the 4 primary elements came back together a powerful blast of light filled the universe and other elements were created, out of fire and earth came lava, water and air created the rain; this chain reaction created all the elements in our world.

It was then that the Titans decided to create the gods of the realms, and granted them the power of creation in order for them to help the titans harness all of these new fascinating sub elements. These gods then tailored the world into what it is today, creating new life and various biomes for them to live in. This is how our current world of Minecraftia came to be, and how everything in it came to exist.

Story of Creation

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